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Comments from IELTS Examiner in Transportation Essay.


Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people’s lives. Automobile, bicycle and airplanes- use specific reasons and examples

มาให้น้องๆได้ลองฝึกกันดู หากใครยังไม่ได้ลองเขียนกลับไปดูได้จากลิ้งค์ด้านล่างเลยค่ะ

Reference: IELTS Essay Topic: Transportation


Transportation has been with   pushed the frontier of human for a long period of time evolution. In the past, people traveled by boats or trains which is were slow and unsafe. Thanks for to human’s creativity, nowadays, humans can produce prosper from a wide range of transportation modes. We can travel by cars, sky trains, tubes subway, airplanes and so on. Personally Specifically, the airplanes is the transportation mode which impacts humans the most with   based on following reasons.

To begin with, the airplane is the fastest transportation method which can save one’s commuteing time:  and as a result travelers who travel by airplanes are usually have more minutes time to spend on other activities. For instance, when  I traveled to Chaiiang Mai in 2011., I used more than ten hours traveling by train to Chaing Mai. On the other hand, it took me only one hour by plane to get back to Bangkok. Clearly, if I had chosen to commute by airplane from the start, I would have saved 9 hours more to enjoy things in during my holiday trip.

Apart from time saving time, statistics show that it is less than one percent [that means about 1 in 100 planes crash??!!] of the possible accident by planes flights end in accident comparing with more than ten percent of the traveling by cars. In an air planes airplane, there are a professional captains controlling airplane it and an accurate computer system which can lead the airplane to land correctly and safety safely at the airport. Furthermore, the air traffic management is so effective which that people can be confident that we will be safe traveling by plane.

With all things taken into consideration, In comparison to other transport modes, air travel beis regarded as the most efficient method of transportation because of its timesaving factor and less low chance of accidents. Although air travel costs more, it is worth paying it. Thus, if possible, why don’t we not buy airplane tickets for our your next journeys?

Estimate IELTS Band Score: 5.0
IELTS Examiner Comments
: Student, there are no error-free sentences in your essay. That proves your grammar skill show limited flexibility: Something you need to improve. Don’t throw unrealistic statistics into your evidence because your numbers are way off. How have airplanes changed people’s lives? That question was never answered.


IELTS Institute Team


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Korakrit Durongdej

I’m writing this to THANKS all of you who had been assisting me in the Preparation Course in the past few months. I’m delighted to inform you that, according to my second test report form attached, I achieved a much higher overall band score than I had ever expected (Band 8), particularly in my weakest skill : writing (Band 7). Without all your support, my success would not have been achieved.

สิทธิดา จิตทักษะ (Jay)

It’s my best luck to study with Ajarn Fon, indeed. I really love her teaching style and I learn how to correct English grammar and how to fix my writing problems from her. She’s a superb English teacher!!

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