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ฝึกเขียน IELTS Writing ในหัวข้อ Science and Technology

หนึ่งในหัวข้อที่ถูกนำมาออกข้อสอบ IELTS มากที่สุดหัวข้อหนึ่งก็คือ หัวข้อที่เกี่ยวกับ Science and Technology นะคะ วันนี้พี่เลยขอนำเอาหัวข้อที่ถูกนำมาเขียนเป็นประจำ แต่ทุกครั้งก็มีไอเดียดีๆจากน้องแต่ละคน ซึ่งเหมาะจะนำไปใช้เป็นไอเดียในการเขียน วันนี้ลองมาดูไอเดียใหม่ๆกันค่ะ


It is inevitable that as technology develops so tradition culture must be lost. Technology and tradition are compatible-you can have both together. To what extend do you agree with this statement?

ลองตามมาดูน้องที่เป็นนักเรียน IELTS ท่านหนึ่งกันดีกว่าค่ะ

In the globalised worlds, it is undeniable that modern technology has been advanced continuously while traditional culture has been disappeared consecutively. Some people claim that modern technology and tradition culture are both harmonious. However, from my perspective, modern technology infiltration in every aspects of human’s life and cannot conform to tradition culture that had been gradually vanishing from our society.

First and foremost, technology is regarded as a fundamental factor for the development of a country as a whole. If government has practical policies to support the use of technology, it is obviously that its country will have an opportunity to go on the fast track. For example, Japan, which was devastating and traumatic after World War 2, had been rehabilitating extremely fast due to the advancement to technology such as electric train, electric appliances, cars, mobile phones, and efficient factories. In 1960s, Japan’s economic grown up immediately rapid in spite of losing a great deal of money spent in a military term. Japanese government focused on the improvement of the country more the preservation of tradition culture. Therefore, some tradition cultures have been ignored from Japanese society in order to create new technology for improving to become authority in the challenging world.

In addition, traditions culture is deemed as an obstacle to establish the new modern world’s society. For example Thailand, which was changed to the democratic country in 1932, has been confronting problems of rebuilding society to be more modern in order to be equivalent to western nation since 19th century. ‘Jongkraben uniform”, which is Thais’ traditional uniform, was one of the most remarkable obstacle for developing society because people were used to wear it about 100 years ago so it was instilled in their mind. However, modern technology from western nation intermittently flew into Thailand. As a result, Thai government had a hard time to manage modern technology to get along with the old traditional

With all things considered, having modern technology along with traditional culture cannot be harmonious, From where I stand, a country, which is successful to manage itself to become ‘a developed country’ have to purpose on the advancement of technology because it is the key for success in the globalised world.

เดี๋ยวพี่จะกลับมาเฉลยงานเขียนนี้กันในคราวหน้านะคะ ^^

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Korakrit Durongdej

I’m writing this to THANKS all of you who had been assisting me in the Preparation Course in the past few months. I’m delighted to inform you that, according to my second test report form attached, I achieved a much higher overall band score than I had ever expected (Band 8), particularly in my weakest skill : writing (Band 7). Without all your support, my success would not have been achieved.

สิทธิดา จิตทักษะ (Jay)

It’s my best luck to study with Ajarn Fon, indeed. I really love her teaching style and I learn how to correct English grammar and how to fix my writing problems from her. She’s a superb English teacher!!

สุภมน บุปผเวส (ทับทิม)