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คอร์สเรียน Grammar Brush up วันธรรมดาช่วงเย็น เริ่ม 28 มิถุนายน, วันเสาร์-อาทิตย์ เริ่ม 8 กรกฎาคม ค่ะ
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ฝึกเขียน IELTS Essay : หัวข้อ rapid urbanization

ปัญหาเรื่องการว่างงานนับว่าเป็นปัญหาใหญ่อย่างหนึ่งในหลายๆประเทศ เราจะมีวิธีแก้ปัญหาอย่างไร?

บางคนบอกว่าการพัฒนาชนบทให้เป็นชุมชนเมืองอย่างรวดเร็วน่าจะช่วยได้ คิดว่าคำกล่าวนี้จริงเท็จแค่ไหนคะ ลองมาเขียน IELTS Writing Task 2 ถึงหัวข้อนี้กันดีกว่าค่ะ

The only effective way to deal with unemployment is to introduce rapid urbanization. How far do you agree?


At present, it is undeniable that the number of redundancy rates experienced a significant increase in many upcountries. Some people believe that the effective way to deal with this problem is only developing rapidly to be industrial city. However, some people claim that there have better ways to solve this problem. This essay will examine another ways to improve the problem of unemployment and my opinion of this site is also provided.

First of all, Emigration from rural community in order to find jobs is one of feasible solutions. Immigrants have a chance to search of a better life in the new city they moved on. Take the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok as an example unemployed from rural city often immigrate to Bangkok for searching jobs such as laborer, waiter, and housekeeper. As a consequent, they often send money back to their homes for helping their family members. Moreover, this money helps to improve the standard of living in countrysides.

Another practical way to increase employment rates is the government creating jobs for people in rural city. They can support by offering education about local vocation. To illustrate this, the government of Thailand encourages rural people to produce their local products under the campaign of “one district one product in order to export to other foreign nations. As a result, the rural citizens have knowledge which can contribute to have own jobs and make higher income.

All in all, it is readily apparent that there are better solutions to solve only the problem of redundancy in rural community while the way of assessing rapid urbanization is unappropriate. In my point of view, this is due to the fact that not only do countrysides have to use long time reaching urbanization but this also loss enormous capital money for invesment.

เป็นไงบ้างคะ คิดว่าหัวข้อนี้ผิดตรงไหนและได้คะแนน IELTS Band เท่าไหร่?? อยากรู้คราวหน้าพี่จะมาเฉลยให้นะคะ ^^

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Korakrit Durongdej

I’m writing this to THANKS all of you who had been assisting me in the Preparation Course in the past few months. I’m delighted to inform you that, according to my second test report form attached, I achieved a much higher overall band score than I had ever expected (Band 8), particularly in my weakest skill : writing (Band 7). Without all your support, my success would not have been achieved.

สิทธิดา จิตทักษะ (Jay)

It’s my best luck to study with Ajarn Fon, indeed. I really love her teaching style and I learn how to correct English grammar and how to fix my writing problems from her. She’s a superb English teacher!!

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