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เฉลยงานเขียน IELTS Writing หัวข้อ technology affected

กลับมาพบกับเฉลยงานเขียน IELTS ในส่วนที่ 2 สำหรับหัวข้อ technology affected the types of relationships people make กันนะคะ ใครที่ยังไม่มีโอกาสลองเขียนมาส่ง ลองกลับไปดูกันได้ที่

IELTS Essay: Has technology affected the types of relationships people make?


Technology connects people around the world. In the past, letters send by post are were considered to be one of the most effective means of communication. Nowadays, letters are rarely used and communication via online connections are the most common among today’s individuals. This essay will examine how technology changes the way people interact and the benefits of economic and lifestyle aspects will also be discussed.

At the moment, there is are a lot of interesting applications in mobile phones that help people to stay connected. Wherever we go, we often see people, especially teenagers, are so busy playing with their phones. This picture is was clearly invisible in the past. We are now leaning towards building up relationships with others through the online world. We no longer have to make appointments face-to-face or really see each others as there are applications where with which you can just send texts as a way to keep in touch with each other.

In economical terms of economical, the launch of technology has brought huge advantages dividents to businesses. Companies around the world can make business deals much faster and more conveniencetly. Technology speeds up the way information can pass through each unit. This example can be seen at in the company that I currently work for.  We often use communication programe to connect with people in Sydney since it enables us to set up a meeting as if we are talking to each other face-to-face.  As a result, all the ideas and opinions are able to be discussed, shared and implemented on a timely basis.

Apart from aspects of economicsy aspect, technology also brings future benefits to people. Individuals are able to save up their time and resources from with the use of technology. For example, I can use online chat applications to arrange the time and place whenever I want to meet up with my friends. Furthermore, I can use applications such as skype to get in contact with my friends abroad. This help reduces my telephone bills burden as these online applications are free to use. To sum up, there are lots of advantages associated with the launch of technology. It changes the way people interact in a more powerful and meaningful way. In addition, technology brings benefits to companies and people by speeding up processes, providing efficiency and saving up resources.

(Estimate IELTS Band Score: 6.0)

IELTS Examiner Comments

This topic is about the type of relationships which people make as affected by technology. Your ideas are related but not compared thoroughly enough for a higher score. In terms of grammar, your essay is good. Aim at the heart of the question.

IELTS Institute Team


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