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Essay comments on IELTS writing หัวข้อ migration


“To what extent will migration from the developing world to the developed world become a social and political issue it the 21st century.”

มาให้น้องๆได้ลองฝึกกันดู หากใครยังไม่ได้ลองเขียนกลับไปดูได้จากลิ้งค์ด้านล่างเลยค่ะ

เตรียมสอบ IELTS writing กับ Essay หัวข้อ migration

At present, there is on aspect to settle in developed country is migrants from the 3rd world choose to move to richer nations as it is the way to get have a better life. Nevertheless, this will also make international problems in the current century. This essay will examine several causes effects of this issue.

First of all, to migrate from inferior  a poorer country to more developed country will cause excessive population. It can be seen from the main business cities of the world, such has London, Melbourne, New York and Tokyo. They are very crowded since these are the destination of third-world people to earn money. As a result, public outreach??? à job opportunities are not enough owing to a big increase of migration. Next, according to the centralization in big city, many a man move from their places in the hope to get jobs,; however, the employment isn’t as much as opportunities cannot meet the demand. This is the reason that the unemployment increases more and more each year.

In terms of  Wth respect to developing countries, there will be a big gap between the third-world and the industrialized world. All any as important progress of the world is centralized in the developed countries. In other worlds words, the inferior countries have less opportunities to develop due to a lack of money, efficient human resources, and so on. Clearly, the industrialized countries produce new technology for a comfortable life, while the figures of illeiteracy in developing countryies increase continuously. This is the evident illustration between countryies of poverty and country those of wealth.

To reiterate, we’re now confronting with unbalanced population figures in each country. It’s not only the country a national problem, yet but it’s world a global problem. The d Decentralization might be the solution for this issue.

Estimate IELTS Band Score: 5.0

IELTS Examiner’s Comment: you’ve got the right idea to have two body paragraphs (1st must be social issue and 2nd must be political issue), but you need to have clearer topic sentences in both. Add more specifics and examples to make your writing a little more direct. Your conclusion has got to be longer as well.

IELTSInstitute Team


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