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เฉลย writing ielts หัวข้อ Parents be obliged to immunise their children

กลับมาพบกับเฉลยงานเขียน IELTS ในส่วนที่ 2 สำหรับหัวข้อ Parents be obliged to immunise their children กันนะคะ ใครที่ยังไม่มีโอกาสลองเขียนมาส่ง ลองกลับไปดูกันได้ที่

IELTS Writing Topic: Parents be obliged to immunise their children


Should parents be obliged to immunise their children against childhood diseases? Or do individuals have the right to choose not to immunise their children?


Nowadays, immunization plays an important role in the medical prevention fromof some sicknessesillnesses. Whether or not every child must be vaccinated is often debated. Personally, I believe that parents ought to be forced to prevent their kids from diseases through immunization for two reasons.

Admittedly, some parents may think it is unnecessary vaccinating their kids as long as they monitor their children closely on their eating habits and exercising routines. Moreover, it would be a waste of time and moneyà(for who?) on the medical prevention. à two ideas are not related

However, I believe that immunizing children must be an obligation due to their lower performancesresistance of self-immunity. ThereforeIn fact, these kids might getcatch diseases easier and come up withsuffer from more severe symptoms than adults whose immune systems are more effective at fighting against pathogens. That is why receiving vaccines, serums, and toxoids is vital for all children at particular ages.

Another reason is that it could lead to the disease transmission if aan infected child infectedby transmitsted germs go toat school or other public places, the disease will possibly be widespread to larger communities via breathing or direct contact. Following this, more and more people would be sick and this might be more difficult to treat the ailment in case that the pathogens become resistant to antibiotics and other medicines. Also, the government or health-related organizations would have to spend budgets on furtherallocate greater budgets towardmedical researches and some preventative measures.

To sum up, in order to prevent theseprotect kids themselves from childhood illnesses in advance and the transmission of diseases, the immunization must be compulsory tofor all parents.

Estimate IELTS Band Score : 6.5

IELTS Examiner Comments:

Comments: To get a greater score, I suggest that you categorize your reasons. See if you can classify the reasons and sue that language in the topic sentences and thesis statement. You must support all ideas with examples from your experience or knowledge. You lose some marks for not having any examples here.

IELTS Institute Team


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